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            Evacuation for Healthcare Managers
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            Evacuation for Healthcare Managers On-site Training

            The decision to partially or completely evacuate a hospital or long-term care facility is a complex issue that needs to balance the nature of the threat against the risk patients and staff would face.  Successful evacuation requires management of multiple objectives: the multifaceted set of circumstances forcing the evacuation, the ever-evolving logistical support needed to accomplish the mission, and the timely and coordinated movement and tracking of evacuees, staff and materiel. An evacuation requires time, labor-intensive resources, and support at levels that most healthcare facilities don’t possess for routine emergencies.

            The DQE Evacuation for Healthcare Managers Training program focuses on the management system, processes, and decision-making hierarchy needed to implement and execute an evacuation. It prepares managers and staff to properly assess a situation, categorize evacuees for movement, establish and coordinate various movement teams and staging areas, and how to integrate the overall process of evacuation into the incident command system. ?Once this foundation of training is established, participants can more effectively begin Healthcare Evacuation Planning and move to the hands-on skill training offered in DQE’s Evacuation Skill Competency Training.

            In an effort to maintain your evacuation capability levels throughout the year, this training course also includes one year of the What’s NextTM Evacuation Sustainment Program.


            DQE’s?evacuation training program combines lecture, tabletop exercise, and facilitated discussion to help enable attendees to prepare for and respond to the many nuances associated with an evacuation. The course is intended for healthcare regions and coalitions, acute care and specialty hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Time will be allotted for the facility to demonstrate evacuation equipment, if available.

            Duration: 4 hours

            Class Size: Maximum of 50

            Class Location: On site at the client’s facility


            The Healthcare Evacuation Management course covers:

            • Instruction on the various types of facility evacuation, alternatives to evacuation, and evacuation decision making
            • Appraisal of patient status reporting, preparation and categorization activities based on mobility level and resource needs for evacuation and early discharge planning
            • Discussion of the evacuation process to include the establishment and orchestration of movement teams, staging areas, and resource needs
            • Outline of the various evacuation planning considerations, patient tracking and accountability requirements, and patient destination selection criteria
            • Review of the key concepts of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), and how to apply the principles of HICS to the evacuation process to include specifics on command, control and communication activities
            • Facilitated discussion and case reviews that provide participants with an opportunity to apply their new knowledge and understanding of healthcare facility evacuation


            This training course also includes one free year of the What’s NextTM Evacuation Sustainment Program.