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            CMS Announces Actions to Address Spread of Coronavirus

            In an effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, CMS announced that effective immediately and, until further notice, State Survey Agencies and Accrediting Organizations will focus their facility inspections exclusively on issues related to infection control and other serious health and safety threats. This shift in approach will allow inspectors to focus their energies on addressing the spread of COVID-19.

              CMS Logo

              Coronavirus Interactive Worldwide Map

              Johns Hopkins University has developed an interactive map to show the global cases of the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV. As of 2/6/2020, 28,353 cases worldwide have been confirmed.

              Viral Masks in Short Supply during a Pandemic

              Respirators and surgical masks for infection control have been strongly suggested and even temporarily made mandatory in some places by the Chinese government, but no U.S. authority has done the same. This hasn’t stopped people from buying up N95 masks from all over the United States.

              DQE Shower used in Birmingham’s Shaken Fury Exercise hosted by FEMA

              The Shaken Fury Exercise focused on a simulated major earthquake in Memphis, Tennessee that will impact middle America including the state of Alabama. The exercise was designed to test communications, situational awareness systems and networks; simulate coordinated responses during structural damage and life-threatening mass casualty incidents; and coordinate responses to a HAZMAT incident caused by the earthquake.

                HazMat Responders Setting up DQE Decon Shower

                Staying Vigilant with Ebola Healthcare Preparedness

                Recently, a Swedish hospital was reminded of the critical need for Ebola preparedness. A patient arrived at the Skane University Hospital on September 30, 2019, running a high fever after traveling in a region of Africa stricken by Ebola. The hospital placed the patient in isolation after discovering the patient’s travel history to an area where Ebola is present, and a fever.

                  Ebola Preparedness

                  U.S. troops are falling to heatstroke as the military struggles to balance training with rising temperatures.

                  Rising temperatures from climate change pose a threat to military personnel, both at home and abroad. There have been a total of 11,452 heat injury incidents reported U.S. Armed Forces Military bases from 2014-2018. And since 2008, according to the Pentagon, at least 17 troops have died due to of heat exposure during training exercises… Read more »